Nov 2, 2012

6 Free Chess Softwares for Windows PC

If you are a newbie or on a tight budget, I recommend the use of freeware chess programs to enjoy the immortal game of chess. Kindly, note I have not included any demo or limited version of chess programs, even if they are free.

Here is my list of chess softwares for PC:

1) Arena: Interface of the software was designed for use with chess engines compatible with Winboard and Universal Chess Interface (UCI) protocols. Chess engines are easy to be set up in the Arena as compared to Winboard. Click here to download Arena.

2) Jester: Although, Jester does not have bells of whistles of a commercial softwares, it offers a reasonable play of chess. It has an attractive user interface. Jester can be downloaded from here.

3) Xboard and WinBoard: Xboard and Winboard are graphical user interfaces for chess engines. In other words to play chess on these softwares you need a chess engine like GNU. Download link is here.

4) GNU Chess: GNU Chess is one of the oldest freeware chess game available. You can download Windows version here.

5) Crafty: Robert Hyatt has written this chess program. Crafty can be downloaded from this link.

6) Arasan Chess: Arasan is a freeware chess software. It has Windows GUI and can also acts as a chess engine that works well with Arena or other Winboard GUI softwares. Another plus point of this software is its huge opening book of about 75,000 moves! Click here to download the software.

If you know of any good free chess playing software not included in this list, please do let me know. I plan to keep this list updated regularly.

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