Dec 21, 2012

8 Tips for Analyzing your Chess Games


One of the best habit a beginner needs to develop in order to improve his game of chess is analysis of one’s own game. Here are few tips for chess novice on how to analyze his game:

  1. It is highly recommended that you must maintain a database of all your games.
  2. Analyze your game as soon as possible, preferably, immediately after the game has finished. It will help you in putting your thoughts which you had during the game easy. This practice help in remembering and understanding the reasons why you made the mistakes.
  3. Run your chess software to run through your game in blunder check mode, to know major blunders you and your opponent made during the game.
  4. Try to identify the critical moments of the game. Critical moments are times when evaluation of position significantly changes and advantage shifts from one side to the other?
  5. Don’t forget to analyze the opening used in the game. Update your opening repertoire, if necessary.
  6. Don’t just analyze the game in terms of variations, instead give verbal comments on critical positions. If in your opinion white is better explain why.
  7. After you have completed analysis, give a short summary of the game. Where was the game decided – opening, middle game, endgame or tactical blunder?
  8. Periodically, look at the trends in your games. Is your opening play weak or you play bad in the endgames? Can you fill the gap in your chess knowledge by study?

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