Dec 20, 2012

Download General Games Collection of Famous Chess Books for Free

These game collection are of famous chess books in general category. Download games collection from pgn/cbv format for free.

Author, Title, Publisher, Year, Compiler, Format
Abrahams, Not Only Chess, George Allen & Unwin, London, 1974, ISBN 0 04 794005 0, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Chernev, Logical Chess: move by move, Batsford, 1998, Carlo Mazzoni, cbv pgn
Euwe & Meiden, Chess Master and Grandmaster, George Allen & Unwin, 1978, ISBN: 0 04 794007 7, Ulo Suviste cbv pgn
Euwe & Meiden, The Road to Chess Mastery, McKay, 1966, Timothy Randall cbv pgn
Fine, The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings, Random House, 1990, Tapio Huuhka, cbv pgn
Gillam, Your First Chess Games, Batsford, 1993, Pat Craig, cbv pgn
Hall & Smith, Chess Instructions - Move by Move, Chess Digest, 1984, ISBN: 0-87568-156-5, William Simpson cbv pgn
Heyken, Beginner's Chess Course, Sterling Publishing, 1997, ISBN: 0-7607-4573-0, Ekkehard Rohwedder cbv pgn
Horowitz & Reinfeld:
   1. First Book of Chess, Harper & Row, NY, 1952
   2. Second Book of Chess: The Nine Bad Moves, and How to Avoid Them, Sterling, NY, 1953
   3. Third Book of Chess: How to Play the White Pieces, Sterling, NY, 1954
   4. Fourth Book of Chess: How to Play the Black Pieces, Sterling, NY, 1955
   5. Fifth Book of Chess: How to Win When You're Ahead, Sterling, NY, 1955 / Josep Banús
cbv pgn
Keene & Whiteley, Ray Keene's Good Move Guide, Oxford University Press, 1982, Jim Johnston cbv pgn
Keene Raymond-Jacobs-Byron, An Opening Repertoire for White (New Edition), Henry Holt, 1995, Ryan Neal, cbv pgn
Kmoch, I pedoni: Anima degli scacchi / Pawn Power in Chess / die Kunst der Lombardy, Modern Chess Opening Traps, McKay Company, Inc., 1972, Miguel Garcia, cbv pgn
Mednis, Spiele gute Eröffnungszüge!, Die elementaren Kenntnisse in einem Übungsbuch (Praxis Schach; Bd.6), (How To Play Good Opening Moves), Edition Olms, 1998, Patrick Holming, cbv pgn
Padulli, Gli Scacchi, Mursia, 1972, Angelo Orlando, cbv pgn
Pandolfini, Chess openings: Traps and zaps 2, Fireside Chess Library, 1993, Miguel Garcia, cbv pgn
Reti, Modern Ideas in Chess, Dover, Gary Carlson, cbv pgn
Short, Chess Basics, Sterling, 1st Ed., 1994, ISBN: 0-8069-0798-3, Sumeet Kishnani cbv pgn
Suetin, Schach Training, Ullstein, 1991, ISBN: 3-548-34847-5, Frank Altenburg cbv pgn
Timman, Chess the Adventurous Way, Bert Bakker, 1983, Wybe Koopmans, cbv pgn


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