Dec 17, 2012

Free Collection of Chess Games from Famous Books

This is my first list of chess games collection from famous books written in english. Games are both in pgn format as well as in cbv format. Click to download whichever you like.

Author, Title, Publisher, Year, Compiler, Format

Assaic, The Pleasures of Chess, Dover Publications, 1960, ISBN 0-486-20597-5, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Barden & Heidenfeld, Modern Chess Miniatures, Dover Publications, 1977, ISBN: 0-486-23541-6, TeckSoon Tan cbv pgn
Beheim, Chess with the Masters, Arco, 1974, ISBN: 0-668-01041-6, Bean Bucks, cbv pgn
Botvinnik, Championship Chess-Soviet Chess Championship 1941, Dover, 1947, Mark Hannon cbv pgn
Bronstein, 200 Open Games, Dover, 1992, Miguel Angelo Hemzo, cbv pgn
Bronstein, Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953, Dover, 1979, Michael Lipsey, cbv pgn
Byrne, The New York Times Great Chess Victories and Defeats (Le Grandi Sfide Scacchistiche - Arnoldo Mondadori Editore), Times Books; Random House, 1990, ISBN 971-085683-9, Eric Hughes Santiago cbv pgn
Chernev, The 1000 Best Short Games of Chess, Simon & Schuster, 1955, Library of Congress number 55-5949, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Chernev, The Chess Companion, Simon & Schuster, 1968, ISBN 671-2165-1, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Chernev, Wonders and Curiosities of Chess, Dover Publications, 1974, ISBN 0-486-23007-4, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Chernev & Reinfeld, The Fireside Book of Chess, Simon and Schuster, 1949, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Collins, My Seven Chess Prodigies, Simon and Schuster, 1974, ISBN 0-671-21941-3, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Dumont, Chess: More Miniature Games, Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, 1953, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Duz-Hotimirski F.I., Izbrannye partii (The Best Games), Fizkultura i sport, 1953, Victor Minaev, cbv pgn
Eade, Chess for Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, 1996, Joe Johnson cbv pgn
Evans, Evans on Chess, Cornerstone Library, 1974, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Fine, The World's Great Chess Games, Crown Publishers, Inc (Bonanza Books), 1951, Owen Curtis cbv pgn
Fiske & Morphy, The Chess Monthly, Volume 1, 1857, Moravian Chess, 2000, ISBN 80-7189-269-6, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Foldeak, Chess Olympiads 1927-1968, Dover, 1979, ISBN 0-486-23733-8, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Fox - James, Even more complete chess addict, Faber & Faber, Inc, 1994, Miguel Garcia, cbv pgn
Gelo, Chess World Championships - All the Games, 1834-1984, McFarland & Company, 1988, Franco Pezzi, cbv pgn
Gligorich, Selected Chess Masterpieces, David McKay Co., 1970, Neil Sullivan cbv pgn
Harding, Winning at Correspondence Chess, Henry Holt and Company, 1994, Johnny Penrose cbv pgn
Harding, Startling Correspondence Chess Miniatures, Chess Mail Ltd, 2000, Ralph Kalenian, cbv pgn
Hartston, Teach Yourself Better Chess, Hodder and Stoughton, 1997, Jon Hutchings cbv pgn
Hartston, The guinness book of chess grandmasters , Guinness, 1996, Frontenac, cbv pgn
Hartson and Keene, Karpov - Korchnoi 1974, Oxford University Press, 1974, Baldvin Gislason, cbv pgn
Hebert, Border Wars III, Chess Enterprises, 1984, ISBN 931462-37-1, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Heidenfeld, Draw!, George Allen & Unwin, 1982, Tangen Lennart, cbv pgn
Helms, The Book of the New York International Chess Tournament 1924, Dover, 1961, Randall Julian, cbv pgn
Hooper & Whyld, The Oxford Companion to Chess, Oxford University Press, 1984 1992, Frontenac, cbv pgn
Horovitz, I Campioni del Mondo di Scacchi - The World Chess Championship, Mursia, 1988, Pier, cbv pgn
Horowitz, Games to Remember, David McKay Company, 1972, Drayton Harrison, cbv pgn
Horowitz, The Golden Treasury of Chess, Galahad Books, 1969, Jacinto Tan cbv pgn
Keene, Duels of the Mind, Collier Books, 1991, Swami Singh, cbv pgn
Keene, Learn from the Grandmasters, Batsford, 1998, Locksley Young, cbv pgn
Karklins, Modern Grandmaster Chess (As Exemplified in the 1964 USSR Zonal Tournament), Chicago Chess Books, 1974, Marc Adlam cbv pgn
Karpov, 50 World's Champion Miniatures, Moscow, Fizkultura i sport, 1986, Ivan Ivanov cbv pgn
Karpov, Miniatures from the World Champions, Collier Books, 1985, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Kiprov, The Famous Chess Players, Medicina i fizkultura Sofia, 1962, Ivan Ivanov, cbv pgn
Kolesnikov, Checkmate in Ukaraine, ??, 1996, Laurent Tinture, cbv pgn
Koltanowski, Chessnicdotes , Chess Enterprises, 1978, ISBN 0-931462-01-0, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Koltanowski, Chessnicdotes 2, Chess Enterprises, 1981, ISBN 0-931462-11-8, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Koltanowski, T.V. Chess, KQED, 1968, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Konig, Chess From Morphy to Botvinnik, Bell Publishing Company, 1950, Charles Fenner, cbv pgn
Kotov-Yudovich, The Soviet School of Chess, Dover, 1961, Ivo Fasiori, cbv pgn
Lauterbach, XIX Kongress DSB - Mannheim 1914, Miguel A. Hemzo, cbv pgn
le Lionnais, Brilliancy Prize on Chess, Bruguera Ajedrez, 1972, Juan Carlos Sanz, cbv pgn
Linder, Aesthetics in Chess, Sovetskaja Rossia, 1981, Ivan Ivanov, cbv pgn
Lombardy & Daniels, Chess Panorama, Chilton Book Company, 1975, ISBN 0-8019-6078-9, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Marfia, 1982 US Open - St Paul, Chess Enterprises, 1982, ISBN 0-931462-21-5, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Marfia, 1984 US Open: Fort Worth, Chess Enterprises, 1985, ISBN 931462-40-1, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Maroczy - The Book of the London International Chess Congress 1922, Dover, 1968, Tom Pierce cbv pgn
Matsukevich, Microchess - 555 openings blunders, Moscow, Astrel-AST, 2002, Ivan Ivanov cbv pgn
Napier, Paul Morphy and the Golden Age of Chess, David McKay Company, 1957, ISBN 0-679-14027-1, Bill Wall cbv pgn
Pandolfini, Kasparov and Deep Blue, Fireside Simon & Schuster, 1997, John Short, cbv pgn
Reinfeld, Chess Masters on Winning Chess, MacMillan Publishing Company, 1974, Gary Houlahan cbv pgn
Reinfeld, World Greatest Chess Games, (no additional informations), N.E Popov cbv pgn
Reinfeld, Great short games of the chess masters, collier macmillan publishers, 1973, Davide Orsenigo cbv pgn
Reshevsky, How Chess Games Are Won, Pitman, 1962, Marek Soszynski, cbv pgn
Roizman, 300 miniaturas, Martinez Roca, 1990, Esteve Ribalta, cbv pgn
Roizman, Chess miniatures - 400 combination games, Polimja, Minsk, 1978, Ivan Ivanov cbv pgn
Roizman, 444 Srajennykh Korolia (444 games on attack on the king), Minsk Polymia, 1987, Frontenac, cbv pgn
Soltis, The 100 Best Chess Games of The 20th Century, McFarland & Co, 2000, Ivan Josifov, cbv pgn
Suetin, The Great Soviet Players, Minsk, Polimya, 1984, Ivan Ivanov cbv pgn
Tartakower, 500 Master Games of Chess, Bell & Sons, 1952, Gary Huang, cbv pgn
Tartakover & Du Mont, 100 Master Games of Modern Chess, Bell & Sons, 1954, Juan Carlos Sanz, cbv pgn
Turov, Pearls of chess, 3rd ed, Fizkultura i sport, 1991, Ivan Ivanov, cbv pgn
Wade, Sousse 1967 Interzonal Chess Tournament, The Chess Player, 1968, Philip Dodderidge cbv pgn
Wade & Blackstock, Palma de Mallorca 1970 - Interzonal Chess Tournament, The Chess Player 1970, Scott Isaacman cbv pgn
Wall, The 1990 World Chess Championship, Chess Enterprises, 1991, Bill Wall, cbv pgn


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